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fast track your professional journey with ubuy academys

Kickstart Your Professional Journey with Ubuy Academy's Internship Programs

Explore our array of live project internships for students featuring industry-recognized certifications. Benefit from guidance from seasoned mentors with 10+ years of experience and get a chance to collaborate with global clients on real-time projects.

Become a Tech Expert with Ubuy Academy Summer Internships!

Enrol in our short-term internship programs and learn professionally under mentors who have worked in the IT industry for many years. Our internships, spanning from basic to advanced levels, are accompanied by professional development workshops, ensuring you're equipped for the ever-changing digital landscape.

We aim to equip students with the knowledge and skillset they need to excel in the corporate sector. Our comprehensive internship programs include hands-on professional learning sessions to make candidates proficient in their chosen field.

Why Join the Ubuy Summer Internship Program?

receive assistance to crack

Learn under mentors who have 10+ years of experience

exclusive access to summer

Get access to our six-month paid internship

opportunity to network

Learn in a professional environment

placement after course

Experience working on live projects under experts

easy to reach and near public

Hands-on experience with various tools

hands on raining on various

Golden opportunity to network with industry experts globally


How Long Is the Internship?

We have various internship programs, from short-term internships to long-term six-month internships. The short-term internship of 2 months is designed for college students who want hands-on experience in a professional setting. Our longer internship programs last approximately six months.

what do we seek

Become an expert in your field of interest with Ubuy Academy’s summer internship program.

Who Are We Seeking?

We seek students who want to learn and improve their skills in their field of interest. Our ideal candidates are poised to revolutionise cyberspace with their tech-savvy expertise. Our internship comes in three varieties:

Summer Internship Programs: These programs are for students pursuing a degree who want to learn new skills during college breaks.

Advanced Internship Programs: These programs are for experts and working professionals looking to polish their skills.

Junior Internship Program: These programs are for students who have just completed their higher secondary education or graduation and are looking to upgrade their existing skills.

Explore the Internship Programs

At Ubuy Academy, we offer a variety of internship programs for students to choose from. They are:

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Internship in Jaipur

web development

Web development Internship in Jaipur

full stack developer

Full stack developer Internship in Jaipur

web and graphic designing

Web and Graphic Designing Internship in Jaipur

ui/ux design

UI/UX design Internship in Jaipur

ios app development

iOS app development Internship in Jaipur

android app development

Android app development Internship in Jaipur

qa testing internship in jaipur

QA Testing Internship in Jaipur

video editing and motion graphics internship in jaipur

Video Editing and Motion Graphics Internship in Jaipur

Unlock thrilling opportunities with our certified programs. Students from all backgrounds can gain invaluable insights through these seasonal internship programs. Get the chance to apply existing theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios under expert guidance.

Application Process and Requirements

Fill out the internship form here.

Select the most relevant internship that will help you in your professional growth in the long run. Learn by working on tools in the offline internship. If you have more queries regarding the internship, call us at +91-9773356061. You can also submit your query on the Ubuy Academy official website, and we will get back to you right away!.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Internship

Offline internship programmes with certificates and hands-on training sessions are always better than virtual internship courses for students with or without a stipend.

At Ubuy Academy, we offer internships with practical learning under experts. You can enroll in any of the following internships to build your career in the field:
  • Digital Marketing Internship in Jaipur
  • Web Development Internship in Jaipur
  • Full-Stack Developer Internship in Jaipur
  • Web and Graphic Designing Internship in Jaipur
  • UI/UX Design Internship in Jaipur
  • iOS app development internship in Jaipur
  • Android app development internship in Jaipur
  • QA Testing Internship in Jaipur
  • Video Editing and Motion Graphics Internship in Jaipur

It depends on your performance in the aptitude exam conducted by the organisation. Students can get a free internship by scoring well on the exam.

Yes, you can. Any graduate or postgraduate student can enrol in the internships offered by Ubuy Academy and get hands-on experience in practical learning under expert guidance.

Yes, it is. You can enrol in more than one internship program and choose from multiple short courses within one discipline.

Candidates enrolling will learn about the various aspects of digital marketing like search engine optimisation, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and influencer marketing. You can choose from these specialised courses or enrol in the complete digital marketing course.

To apply, fill out our internship form and share your resume. Click on the ‘request a call’ button, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. Call us at +91 - 9773356061 for further information, or drop your questions by clicking on the ‘Ask a query’ box.



Feel free to ask anything related to our Internship Programs

Please contact us for additional assistance or information about our Internship Programs. Our team of experts will address all your questions and concerns. Our support team can provide you with more details on how to join and enrol in any internship program.