A Leading Mobile Marketing Course Training Institute in Jaipur

A Leading Mobile Marketing Course Training Institute in Jaipur

Learn and Excel Mobile Marketing with Us

Mobile marketing is a rapidly growing sub-field of Digital Marketing that has emerged as an essential promotional strategy for businesses to reach their consumers. If you are searching for the best mobile marketing training institute in Jaipur, then you are at the right spot. We at Ubuy Academy are offering a well-structured and detailed mobile marketing course.

This is an exceptional opportunity for Jaipur residents and nearby individuals to learn mobile marketing from highly experienced instructors through our course. We have comprehensively structured our course to provide ease to beginners. All in all, we are unleashing a welcoming window for all students, working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to learn mobile marketing essentials.

What Do We Offer in Our Mobile Marketing Course Syllabus?

Mobile marketing is a dynamic and constantly evolving field that includes a wide range of subjects. To succeed in this field, it's essential to have a solid understanding of the following topics we offer in our course -

SMS Marketing

Via SMS, a business can reach its customers directly updating them about new launches, sales, promotions and more. It includes sending personalised text messages to inspire customers to visit the business page. Being low-cost, SMS marketing can be used by all businesses including small-scale businesses, multinational companies and more. Our SMS marketing course covers topics including creating SMS marketing lists, running SMS marketing campaigns, and designing attractive SMS texts.

Push Notification Marketing

Push notification marketing refers to sending short promotional messages on customers’ smartphones in the form of pop-up notifications. These notifications are very attractive and do not include much information. They are meant to compel the customer to click and land on the business’s website.

App-Based Marketing

This mobile marketing strategy involves advertising products and services within a company’s business app. App-based marketing includes creating and posting content via the application to keep customers engaged. It is considered to be a crucial part of mobile marketing as the marketing platform is the main business app.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM involves using various graphics, motions and animations to make innovative advertising video and image content to be posted on social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are the most common social media platforms at which social media marketing is performed to drive an audience.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is an effective way to connect with customers and promote business straight away by using their smartphones. Mobile advertising consists of banner ads, creative video ads, interstitial ads and more that appear on web pages and third-party platforms. These advertisements typically have a call-to-action button, encouraging viewers to visit the company's website.

Learn Mobile Marketing Tools & Techniques with Ubuy Academy

Mobile marketing is a broad phrase that covers a variety of cutting-edge promotional strategies to draw in mobile phone users and generate sales through them. The implementation of these strategies requires the use of certain mobile marketing tools -

Automation Tools

Our course is designed to make your mobile marketing efforts more effective by teaching you how to use automation tools. With these powerful tools, you can easily schedule social media posts and send personalised messages to customers without any hassle. Automation tools simplify mobile marketing, making the process more organised and efficient, saving you time and effort. Our course provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to harness the full potential of these tools for maximum benefit.


As a part of our mobile marketing course, we make efforts to equip you with Semrush. By using Semrush, you can easily discover important keywords, analyse competition, and enhance content marketing. Many leading companies use Semrush to grow their businesses, evaluate their marketing strategies, and examine their competitors. With our course, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to effectively leverage this powerful tool for optimal results in your mobile marketing efforts.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics we equip you with effective knowledge to track and analyse your website traffic. This powerful tool enables you to monitor customer behaviour, such as how long they stay on a page and how many pages they view. With Google Analytics, you can gather valuable qualitative information about your customers, including their age, location, and the type of browser they use, which can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns.


Website speed is really an important factor to determine user experience and search rankings as well. In our course, we offer step-by-step guidance on using the Pagespeed tool to generate reports on server response time and cache files. By leveraging this tool, you can identify areas for improvement and optimise loading speed to enhance user experience.

Compelling Reasons to Join Our Mobile Marketing Training Course

You may consider these most compelling features of our mobile marketing course to make a better decision -

Wide Networking

To offer our participants with newer and ample opportunities, Ubuy Academy has a wide network in the industry of digital marketing. We are committed to making our learners familiar with the latest industry insights, trends, and techniques. Wide networking benefits participants to get mentorship and valuable feedback from experts.

Learning by Industry Experts

The participants will be trained under the guidance of skilled individuals and experts from the digital marketing industry. Our team is equipped with long-drawn experience and excellent knowledge about the mobile marketing niche. This will surely help participants to enhance their real-time implementation skills.

Highly Recognised Mobile Marketing Certification

The participants who successfully complete our mobile marketing training course will receive a course completion certificate. This mobile marketing certification demonstrates the highly skilled efficiency of our participants and it can be a great plus for their careers.

Real-Time Work Exposure

We allow the learners to be involved in the ongoing projects and provide them with enough opportunities to discuss their concerns with the team. This approach helps them to gain practical knowledge with real-time work experience. Additionally, it promotes the exchange of valuable insights and brings more creativity.


Unlike other institutes, we provide our participants with the confidence of guaranteed placements along with the course. We ensure that all the participants will get a competitive placement in the leading digital marketing firms. Moreover, the pass-outs also have the option to work as a freelancer or start their own business as mobile marketers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mobile Marketing Course

Ubuy Academy is an excellent choice for those who are seeking the finest mobile marketing training institute in Jaipur. We offer basic fundamentals of mobile marketing in our course taught by industry experts having comprehensive knowledge of the field. Our institute is focused on providing learners with practical training so that they can get a complete grasp of mobile marketing.

The act of enrolling in our mobile marketing coaching comes with numerous fascinating benefits -
  • Start from basics so that anyone, even those with no knowledge of mobile marketing, can also join.
  • We provide exposure to corporate culture to make you job ready.
  • Interactive classes by professionals.
  • Regular learning of the latest algorithms and industry trends.
  • Career opportunities in top-class companies.

To know more about our mobile marketing course, contact our tutoring team directly at info@ubuyacademy.com. Here you can also ask questions related to fees, placement opportunities and other courses.

Yes, our mobile marketing course is fully worth joining as we have detailed the course with all the basic and advanced elements of mobile marketing. Additionally, our comprehensive course structure and qualified tutors help participants master mobile marketing to the highest extent and provide bright career opportunities.

We don’t ask for any type of qualification to join our course, anyone who is excited about mobile marketing can enrol. Whether you are a student, working individual or marketer looking for expanding skills we welcome all to join this course.

How to Join Our Mobile Marketing Coaching Centre?

You can directly contact our top-notch team of educators and counselling cells to get in-depth information about mobile marketing and other Digital Marketing course durations, fees and other related queries at info@ubuyacademy.com