video editing and motion graphic designing course institute in jaipur

Video Editing and Motion Graphic Designing Course Institute in Jaipur

Master the art of video editing and motion design from A to Z.

Learn the art of editing videos and photographs to bring creative ideas to life! Our training course will help transform your ideas into visually captivating experiences. Our video editing course in Jaipur gives you hands-on training on various software tools. Learn to precisely portray a concept that is in sync with the organisation's requirements and vision! From iconic company logos to engaging websites and social media channels, video graphics courses are the backbone for creating an online presence and facilitating communication on a global level.

Learn the art of editing videos and photographs to bring creative ideas to life! Our training course will help transform your ideas into visually captivating experiences. Our video editing course in Jaipur gives you hands-on training on various software tools. Learn to precisely portray a concept that is in sync with the organisation's requirements and vision! From iconic company logos to engaging websites and social media channels, video graphics courses are the backbone for creating an online presence and facilitating communication on a global level.

Brief of our Video Editing and Motion Graphic Design Course

Common Terminologies

Ensuring Brand Consistency

Basic Video Editing concepts

Video editing techniques

Lifecycle of Video Production

Role of an editor

Different video formats

About resolutions and codecs

Video transitions and special effects

Introduction to Motion Graphics

Typography and Graphic Design

Storyboarding and Storytelling

Rendering and exporting

Tools for editing and designing

what will you learn in our course

What Will You Learn in Our Course?

Our training program will cover everything, from the basics of graphic animation design to video editing:

  • We will show the applications of transitions between clips to render multiple animation files in video sequencing and development.
  • Learn how to apply digital effects and assemble clips to transform raw content into mesmerising films and captivate audiences.
  • Master the ability to craft narratives that resonate, stir emotions and leave a mark on your viewers.
  • Our video editing course in Jaipur goes beyond the technicalities and teaches you the art of storytelling in video narration to create content that resonates with audiences.
  • Our course training program strongly focuses on elevating your creations with digital effects and transitions.
  • The motion graphics course explains different digital effects and transitions, empowering creators to elevate their skills to professional levels and stay ahead of the competition.

Common Techniques for Editing and Designing

At our institute, we acquaint you with industry-relevant terminology to help you effectively collaborate and communicate with professionals:

Key concepts in Video editing include

  • Timeline
  • Cut
  • Trim
  • Transitions
  • Keyframe
  • Rendering
  • Effects
  • Storyboard
  • Export
  • Codec

Key concepts in Motion Graphic Design include

  • Keying
  • Masking
  • Animation
  • Layer
  • Vector Graphics
  • Rotoscoping
  • Typography Animation
  • Compositing
  • Parallax Effect
  • HUD (Head-Up Display)
  • Motion clips and more.
ensuring brand consistency

Ensuring Brand Consistency

Maintaining branding coherence and uniformity across various social media channels involves:

  • Ensuring that the visual elements align with the brand identity and the company guidelines.
  • All elements, such as transitions, overlays and motion graphics, should align with the brand's identity.
transition and special effects

Transition and Special Effects

Create a smooth flow of narrative as you:

  • Learn how to apply transitions smoothly and get into intricate details of timing, pacing and selecting appropriate transition styles.
  • Understand how to integrate special effects into video and motion graphics to produce a polished and visually attractive film at the end of the day.

Best Video Editing Institute In Jaipur

Our video editing classes in Jaipur cover all essential concepts, techniques, and tools for aspiring video editors to master and transform their passion into a rewarding career. Here’s what our video editing course includes:

Basic Video Editing Concepts

- Understand the fundamental principles of video editing, including the timeline, cuts and sequences.

- Explore the importance of pacing, rhythm and continuity in editing and compilation in our most popular video editing course in Jaipur.

Video Editing Techniques

- Learn essential editing techniques, like cutting, trimming and assembling clips, under the guidance of experts at the best video editing coaching centre near you.

- Master the art of creating an engaging narrative through proper sequencing (splitting and reordering clips) in our hands-on practice sessions.

Lifecycle of Video Production

- Gain insights into the entire video production process from scratch, i.e., from ideation to scripting and production.

- Understand each stage's significance, from pre-production to distribution in our video editing training course programme.

Role of an Editor

- Discover a video editor's responsibilities and how their creative contributions shape the final visual tale.

- Learn to organise and manage raw footage. Setting the overall narrative structure involves properly trimming and combining video segments without a hitch after capturing the director's vision.

Different Video Formats

- Participants in our editing course will explore various video formats, their applications, and how to choose the right format for different projects.

- Choosing the right video format, resolution, quality, compatibility, and more for different projects is important.

- Learn all about different video formats depending on the streaming devices or platforms.

- Common video formats are MP4 (H.264), MOV, AVI (Audio Video Interleave), MKV, WMV (Windows Media Video), WebM, FLV (Flash Video), MPEG-2, HEVC (H.265) and ProRes.

Understanding Resolutions

- Common resolutions include HD (high definition), Full HD, 4K and 8K.

- Our video graphics course guides learners in making informed choices with project requirements.

- We show how to balance video resolution with storage space, bandwidth and the output devices.

Video Transitions and Special Effects

- Understand the importance of fluidity in video transitions to enhance visual coherence.

- Master the intricate technique of transitioning between multiple clips effortlessly without losing the viewers' interest.

- Explore special effects and how to apply them creatively to add flair to your video narrative.

Significance of Codecs

- Knowing codecs or compression-decompression algorithms is essential for balancing video quality and file size.

- Different codecs offer varying levels of compression efficiency and visual integrity compatibility across platforms. For instance, newer codecs like H.265 (HEVC) provide even better compression, making them suitable for high-resolution videos.

- Discover how codec selection impacts storage requirements, streaming efficiency and compatibility across devices and platforms at our video editing institute.

Best Motion Graphic Designing Institute in Jaipur

Ubuy Academy offers the best motion graphics course in the city. The motion graphics full course covers the following topics:

introduction to motion graphics

Introduction to Motion Graphics

- Explore the dynamic field of motion graphics and understand how to integrate animated elements, graphics and multimedia to enhance visual storytelling.

-The discipline combines graphic design, animations and cinematography to create visually appealing content.

Learn Typography and Graphic Design

Our motion graphic designing course enhances your ability to create visually appealing text overlays, titles and graphics. We divide this segment into three parts for better understanding:


- Practice arranging types to make written content readable and visually more appealing.

- Consider font choice, size, colour and spacing to ensure readability.

- Animating text using keyframes brings dynamism to titles or subtitles.

Graphic Design Elements

- Learn to incorporate graphic design elements such as logos, icons or illustrations.

- Using different graphic design software to create custom elements for your project aesthetics.

- Create a depth illusion by moving layered elements, better known as the parallax effect.

Creating Visually Appealing Overlays

- Learn the importance of carefully choosing colours to maintain colour contrast against the background. It ensures readability when adding text overlays or inserting other graphical elements.

- Experiment with blending modes and opacity for subtle effects at our motion graphic designing institute in Jaipur.

- Get acquainted with design principles such as the rule of thirds for placing text and graphics.

Composting and Editing Plus

Ubuy’s editing course curriculum covers advanced topics like compositing and editing using the following techniques to enhance their video editing skills.

Advanced Compositing Techniques

- Composting blends visual elements seamlessly to enhance the graphic animation.

- Gain proficiency in advanced compositing techniques like rotoscoping, green screen keying and integrating CGI components into live footage.

- Explore the intricacies of layering, masking and blending modes for a consistent visual flow between the motion clips.

- Master the technique of incorporating scalable vector graphics into your projects.

Colour Grading Mastery

- Master colour grading to improve the mood and tone of your videos.

- Understand colour correction and grading techniques to polish the final sequence.

Audio Editing Excellence

- Learn audio editing and synchronise sound clips with the entire video clip.

- Explore techniques for enhancing audio quality, adding sound effects and creating a balanced audio mix for impactful storytelling.

Advanced Editing Workflows

- Develop advanced editing skills, including non-linear editing, time remapping, and intricate timeline management.

- Learn efficient editing workflows to streamline your post-production process and meet industry standards.

Visual Effects Integration

- Integrate visual effects elements to elevate the quality of your video projects.

- Understand the principles of motion tracking, particle systems, and dynamic simulations for captivating visual effects.

- Use motion clips to enhance visual storytelling.

storyboarding and storytelling

Storyboarding and Storytelling

- Learn storyboarding to plan and visualise your video projects effectively.

- Understand storytelling to create compelling narratives and keep viewers glued to their screens.

rendering and exporting

Rendering and Exporting

- Gain proficiency in rendering and exporting your projects in different formats for optimal quality across platforms.

- Understand technical aspects of video compilation while delivering your work efficiently.

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benefits of joining the ubuy motion graphics and video editing course

Benefits of Joining the Ubuy Motion Graphics and Video Editing Course

Innovation takes centre stage at our graphic animation design and video editing coaching institute in Jaipur!

  • A dynamic learning environment fostering creativity.
  • Gain practical experience under the supervision of professionals.
  • Work on industry-relevant designing and editing projects.
  • Explore different technologies and design elements such as typography animations, images and music to produce motion clips.
  • Our comprehensive video editing and motion design course comes with an industry-recognised certificate.
  • Get help in building a strong resume and portfolio development.
  • Proceed from scratch to advanced levels.
  • Get aid in job placement after completion of the course and interview preparation.
  • Get networking opportunities with marketing professionals.
  • Interact with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Tools for Video Editing and Motion Graphics Design in Jaipur

Common tools utilised for editing and designing in our video graphics course include:

premiere pro

Premiere Pro

An extremely popular professional video editing software developed by Adobe, it has many tools for editing video clips, colour grading, adding effects and transitions and sequence assembly. Users can import various media types into projects to edit them seamlessly. Premiere Pro uses a timeline-based interface to nonlinearly arrange and edit video clips.

after effects

After Effects

After Effects from Adobe primarily uses motion graphics tools, which designers and animators use to create 2D and 3D animations. Besides spell-binding visual effects, it lets you import photographs and other physical media into animations to generate titles and motion graphics. It helps create complex animations, manipulate visual elements and add special effects to video footage. The After Effects feature works with layers for detailed compositions.

adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a standardised raster graphics editor used in the design industry to edit digital images. Photoshop has extensive tools for graphic animation design and digital art creation. Photoshop features tools that improve pictures, colour correction, and compositing, making it suitable for diverse creative applications.



Illustrator is a vector graphics editor by Adobe that creates illustrations, icons, logos, and other scalable graphics. Unlike raster-based graphics, Illustrator uses mathematical equations to define shapes. It allows for infinite scaling without compromising quality. It's popular in graphic design, branding, and print media due to its precision and flexibility in creating vector-based artwork.

Candidates registering for the video editing and motion graphics course will receive hands-on training on all the above-mentioned industry-standard tools.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Editing and Motion Graphic Design Coaching in Jaipur

Registering in a certified institute is the best way to learn video editing techniques and motion graphic designing. Ubuy’s video editing and motion graphic designing institute in Jaipur provides registered candidates hands-on training and networking opportunities.

Yes. Various video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and motion graphics design applications are essential. You will be provided hands-on training on these tools at the best video editing and motion graphic designing course in Jaipur.

Sound designing in video editing involves
  • Conveying emotions, setting the tone and enhancing the impact of a video narrative.
  • Syncing audio with video for an immersive experience.
  • Creating a scenic ambience for higher engagement and realism.
  • Controlling the pacing and rhythm of a video to influence the viewer's perception.

Motion graphic designing involves combining visual elements with a moving narrative. Here are some factors to keep in mind:
  • Choose fonts complementing the style and message of the graphics sequence.
  • Consistent colour schemes enhance the aesthetic appeal of graphic designs.
  • Learn fundamentals like timing, spacing and easing for smoothly connected animated sequences.
  • Design elements to grab the viewer's attention and create a balanced composition.
  • A clear narrative ultimately engages the viewers.

Professionals everywhere commonly use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

The course covers many editing and designing software tools, creative concepts and industry best practices to produce professional-quality videos and animations. Our mentors will take you through video editing techniques, motion graphic design principles, compositing, and more!

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in video production, animation, advertising, film-making, or digital media will benefit by enrolling in our video editing and graphic designing institute. Our course is also valuable for enhancing your skills for personal projects, social media content creation, or freelancing.

Career prospects after completing our certified video editing and motion graphic design coaching programmes include content producer, video editor, motion graphic designer, visual effects artist, animator, creative director, interactive media designer and more. You will find numerous opportunities in film and television production houses, advertising agencies, animation studios and digital marketing firms.

Several institutes, academies, and training centres in Jaipur offer video editing and motion graphic design coaching. Ubuy Academy offers the best offline motion graphics design and video editing training. Prospective students can research course offerings, faculty expertise and student reviews to choose the perfect program.

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