Best PPC & Google Ads Course Training Institute in Jaipur

Best PPC & Google Ads Course Training Institute in Jaipur

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Pay-per-click (PPC) is a service used by organizations to drive traffic to their landing pages by running paid ads on the web. This strategy is used to bring in visitors without interfering with the organic traffic. Ads on the web are a great way to reach out to millions of people worldwide. Many people refer to PPC as the Cost-per-Click (CPC) model, in which they have to pay a small fee to the ad holder or publisher in exchange for the services provided. The pay-per-click model is primarily provided by search engines (e.g., Google and Bing) and many social media advertising platforms, the most popular of which are Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

What will You Learn in this PPC Marketing and Advertising Course?

In our curriculum, learners will get acquainted with the fundamentals of Google Adwords and PPC, which they will use further to find the best keywords for advertisements, campaign optimization, remarketing, bidding options and more. Dive into the deeper details of targeting the niche audience, selecting the appropriate keywords, writing a compelling ad copy, and optimising the campaign over time to improve its performance.

Taking the help of tools, this Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click Certified Course will take you through effective yet efficient ad campaign planning and management. Every learner at Ubuy Academy will be able to measure the success of each campaign by calculating each ad spend and also keep a track of consumer shopping habits.

The detailed syllabus of our certified PPC course is as follows -

Introduction to PPC

In this section, you will receive training related to different aspects of Google Adwords and PPC. This section includes information about Google and Facebook advertising that maximises visibility on different platforms according to their functionality, increases sales, and aids in the discovery of finding new customers for any company's products and services.

Google Ads and Bing Ads

These two pay-per-click advertising platforms are designed to help businesses reach out to specific audiences, drive traffic and increase revenue. After completing this part of our digital marketing course, you will understand the significance of Google Ads and Bing Ads and how to use them as per the requirements of various clients.

Types of Ads

One of the things that makes this the best PPC and Google Ads course is that you will learn how to create ads from scratch. Join Ubuy Academy to learn all about -

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads and
  • Shopping Ads

Finding Right Keywords

Learn how to acquire, refine, and organise keywords in our PPC marketing course. It becomes essential to filter and use both long-tail and short-tail keywords, while avoiding the use of negative keywords to the maximum extent possible.

Content Optimization

In PPC, content optimization entails optimising the content written for associated keywords, adding meta and title tags, creating powerful call-to-action buttons, and inserting only relevant links. Learn to optimise headlines and use high-quality visual images to increase click-through rates (CTRs) in this course.

Location Targeting and Bidding Options

The most significant advantage of creating online Ads is that they let you set your own maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for your advertisements. Placing a bid on any keyword while letting you select audience demographics ahead of time, make your campaigns more efficient as it allows you to set your budget.

Ads Extensions

Ad extensions play a pivotal role in providing the required boost to search ad campaigns and thus form a major part of our advanced PPC course. They aid you in gaining a competitive edge, improving performance, and increasing the overall CTR of an organisation. Some extensions are manual, some are automatic and a few can be both! Ads extensions can be broadly classified into the following -

  • Site links
  • Video Add Extensions
  • Lead form extensions
  • Image extensions
  • Callout Ad extensions

Ads Testing

Ad testing involves the process of bringing different ads formats in front of the masses and soliciting constructive feedback from them. The organisation runs ad tests on the entire ad or specific elements of it, and then gathers inputs on which creatives were found to be better than the rest.

Google Ads Reporting

Post-click performance metrics help track users who clicked on Google Ads and then started using the company's services. These reports provide deep insights into users' Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) cycle and are hence covered under the section of Google Ads reporting.

Ads Tracking and Measurement

Just creating Ads campaigns without monitoring their responses will not help. If you plan on running and analysing PPC campaigns, you should be familiar with several metrics. Some of these are as follows -

  • Impressions
  • Quality Score
  • Clicks
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Average CPC
  • Average position
  • Conversions
  • Conversion rate


Retargeting ads allow your business to show targeted ads to the users who visited your website and didn’t complete a conversion such as purchasing an item, filling in a contact form, subscribing to their services, or downloading a file and so on.

Strategic PPC Audience Targeting

Different social media channels vary in terms of their use, the way they engage their users and features embedded in their shopping portals. Some of the most important you will learn include -

  • How to Create Audiences in Google Ads
  • Types of Audiences in Google Ads & more
Why Enrol in Our PPC Advertising Course

Why Enrol in Our PPC Advertising Course?

Pay-Per-Click is the practice of marketing a business through the use of paid advertisements in various formats, for which a company is only charged when someone clicks on them. Some of these are small, text-based advertisements, whereas others are visually more appealing to consumers, allowing them to take note of all the information at-a-glance.

PPCs are mainly used to give a boost to digital marketing campaigns, be it for any purpose. Not only do they increase the reach of any organisation but also lead to enhanced conversions. Seekers of specific services enter only niche-related keywords Thus, the service providers create advertisements for specific service-related keywords that users might enter when looking for certain products or services.

Enroling in this PPC advertising course will help freshers in building a brand’s online presence and guide the working professionals in achieving their business targets quickly. Overall, by enrolling in this PPC course you will learn about the different formats of paid advertisements and how to use them efficiently.

Learn with Advanced PPC Marketing Training Tools

Learn with Advanced PPC Marketing Training Tools

Learn pay-per-click marketing at our Google Ads academy. Different types of tools that you will receive hands-on training at the best paid ads course institute in Jaipur include -

  • Google Ads Manager
  • Bing Ads Manager
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • And More

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