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Leading IT Training Institute in JAIPUR

Best IT Training Center & Institute in Jaipur

Learn from professionals who have spent years working in the international market and are dealing with prestigious clients on a day-to-day basis. Practice under their supervision and receive hands-on training in a corporate work setting.

Our IT coaching institute provides a conducive learning environment for all levels of learners, from beginners to professionals.

Our training academy has developed a progressive curriculum that caters to advanced-level training and internship programmes for IT engineering students. This list is inclusive of troubleshooting, learning website and application development and building analytical skills by understanding the applications of programming languages in various segments of IT.

Best IT Training Center & Institute in Jaipur

Key Points of Attraction to Our Certified Training Institute

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Key Points of Attraction

We help you develop the skills that matter the most in today's digital era, be it web designing, development, digital marketing, testing or database development at our training center.

Experience Real-Time Learning and establish yourself as an independent full-stack developer at our IT Training Institute. We teach you practical and comprehensive skills as you will work on real-life projects under the guidance of expert members.

Learn from highly experienced individuals who have worked on various live projects. Also, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies floating around in the IT sector.

We are here to provide the best possible assistance to the brightest minds at our advanced training institute. We will roll out scholarships and funds for those students who pass our entrance exam with an 85% score.

Don't worry, we guarantee placements and esteemed job titles not only on our campus but in other organisations as well to all those registering in our IT and software training institute in Jaipur. Your future is now our responsibility.

Experience working in a corporate setting during this IT internship program. We will assist you in developing strong communication skills, and engaging in and aligning your goals with those of the organization.

IT Courses Coaching Center & Software Training Institute

Begin your journey as a programmer or marketer by enrolling in the best IT training institute near me in Jaipur. In a technologically driven world, learning the fundamentals of computing and coding is quite essential to become successful. We are one of the most popular IT companies in Jaipur that get recognized for their internship programs, career growth opportunities and project development skills. Get the chance to practice coding, handle client requests and meet deadlines in the assigned time interval at the best offline IT training institute near you. We pledge to do our best for you, deliver results and complete courses within the mentioned time frame.

What Distinguishes our IT Internship Program from the Competitors?

  • Mentors with Industry-relevant experience.
  • Numerous networking possibilities within the IT industry.
  • Live projects under personalized supervision.
  • Meet deadlines within the specified timeframes.
  • High-tech infrastructure with readily available 24*7 technical support.
  • We train individuals at all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

A Certified IT Training Institute with Placement Opportunities for Freshers & Experienced Persons

Become a master in your field and broaden your career opportunities with the following advanced IT courses we offer at our training academy in Jaipur. In addition to a progressive curriculum, our institute of IT training gets regarded as one of the best for those attempting to master niche-specific skills or seeking a comprehensive training program in a specific facet of the IT sector. You get to choose from a broad selection of professional development courses that can be mixed and matched to suit any learner's preferences:


Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is someone who can handle all aspects of a project, from databases and servers to systems and clients.

This happens to be one of the most popular courses at our IT coaching center that will rigorously prepare you to handle projects single-handedly!

Do it All - Design, Develop, Deploy, and stack with our Full-Stack Web Development Course at Ubuy Academy.

Web & Graphic Designing

A comprehensive course that will guide you through the process of creating stunning aesthetics to become an impressive web designer.

Learn what it takes to design a static website, a dynamic page-based application, and an eCommerce site at Ubuy Academy.

Web Development

To create and maintain any website, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of both front-end and back-end web development.

Develop a strong command of PHP , MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and Basic OOPS to become an expert in Web Development at Ubuy Academy.

IOS Development

Kickstart your career in iOS application design and development by starting with Xcode and Swift. Learn how to create brilliant apps and games that work seamlessly with Apple platforms.

Become proficient in IOS, Core Data, Advanced Web Content, JSON Data & Webviews at Ubuy Academy.

Android Development

This Android development course will take you through the basics of Android Studio, Media Development, Advanced Java, and advanced knowledge of Android features.

Whether you want to pursue a career in mobile app development or are looking forward to independently designing a game or app of your own, get the best guidance at Ubuy Academy.

Quality Analyst
( Automation and Manual)

Develop a comprehensive understanding of software testing, development life cycle, testing types, bug management tools, automation scripts, and test design techniques at Ubuy Academy. You can practice live testing with Scratch Documents, Real-time Test Case Examples with Objects, and Priority and Severity Concepts.

Digital Marketing

Learn about marketing principles, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , and Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques at Ubuy Academy. Our experts will guide you through the processes of Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook and Google Advertisements.


  • 1200+ Participants
  • 120 Batches
  • 250 Placement Partner
  • 10+ Years Experience

About Us

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Building a successful career in the digital arena begins with improving your current skill set and gaining experience. The process of learning, gathering knowledge, and becoming fully trained in the IT sector, especially in programming, is a tedious task. The need of the hour is to properly implement technical skills learned in a competitive manner. We at Ubuy Academy understand that and thus are offering advanced IT courses for freshers as well as working individuals!

Why Us?

Your mind is probably racing with questions like, "How can you trust us with your career?" The answer is very simple. We have people with extensive experience in all fields related to the IT sector in the last decade. We have decided to take the next step only after gaining proficiency and a high level of expertise at the international level.

Our Story

We are a cross-border shopping platform based in Kuwait that has made many customers proud over the last decade. We are no longer just providing shopping convenience; we are also giving young minds the opportunity to gain knowledge and build a successful career. We started with 5 countries and are now catering to 180+ countries.

To Bring Out Your True Potential & Make You An Expert In Your Own Niche Skills. We Promise We Will Settle Down To Nothing Less Than The Best!


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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Ubuy Academy

Ubuy Academy is among the most sought-after IT & Software Training institute in Jaipur because -
  • Our IT training centre educates students at all levels, whether beginners or working professionals.
  • Our mentors are highly qualified with extensive experience working in the IT sector.
  • Roll out scholarships for all interning candidates.
  • Advanced training institute that provides learners with the chance to work on live projects and handle them independently.
  • State-of-art infrastructure with readily available technical support.
  • Ubuy Academy has industry tie-ups with other reputed companies worldwide.
  • Offers 100% placement opportunities for all enrolling candidates.
  • Opens numerous networking opportunities for all the joiners.
  • Helps applicants achieve their goals within the specified time duration.

Enrolling in a Web Designing course or Digital Marketing course is the most convenient option for beginners, as they are easy to start with. Following this, web development and app development courses such as iOS and Android necessaries an individual to be thorough with programming languages and APIs (application programming interfaces) required for the development of such platforms.

Database Management and various Mobile App Development (iOS and Android) courses are in huge demand in the IT industry. Learning various software programming languages for coding and website development followed by the Digital Marketing course which is next in line.

Basic knowledge regarding how to operate computers and other electronic devices is sufficient for enrolling in any of the above-mentioned courses such as web designing, web development, android and app development; becoming a quality analyst or a digital marketer. Having completed higher secondary education is enough for joining any course at Ubuy Academy.

Yes, our IT training institute provides 100% placement opportunities and job assistance to all the enrolling candidates if they perform well in the course assessment exams.

We are offering a plethora of IT training courses at our academy that can be broadly classified into web designing, web development, iOS development, android development, digital marketing and quality analyst courses. For complete training, you can enroll in the Full-Stack development course in which we will cover all information related to Front-end development, Back-end development, Database Management and Deployment.

For sure, you will get numerous opportunities to work on live projects under personalized supervision at our institute for IT training in Jaipur apart from receiving proper hands-on training.

Currently, you can learn only by joining our classroom learning program located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


Feel free to ask anything related to our IT training center

Please contact us if you require any additional assistance or information about the IT courses being offered at our institute. Our team of experts are here to address all your questions and concerns about anything related to the Ubuy Academy. Our support team will provide you with information on how to join the professional software training institute and enroll in the paid internship program.