best training institute for android app development course in jaipur

Best Training Institute for Android App Development Course in Jaipur

Start Your Journey to Android App Development with Us!

As a leading modern Android app development course institute based in Jaipur, we take pride in providing top-notch training, aka MAD skills, to aspiring developers. But you may wonder how? In today's digital age, Android app development is a crucial skill, and our course is designed to equip students/problem solvers with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this field.

As a leading modern Android app development course institute based in Jaipur, we take pride in providing top-notch training, aka MAD skills, to aspiring developers. But you may wonder how? In today's digital age, Android app development is a crucial skill, and our course is designed to equip students/problem solvers with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this field.

what will you learn in the android app development training with us

The Android development training program at Ubuy Academy is divided into three modules and fifteen units. Each unit comprises assignments, quizzes, and hackathons.

  • Our Android app development course in Jaipur starts with an introduction to Modern Android App Development and Software Engineering Careers.
  • After that It moves on to the programming fundamentals, collections and data structures, advanced programming paradigms like OOPs and Functional, and VCS.
  • The second module covers Android basics, Jetpack Compose, Android SDK, and Modern Android Development, including developing an Android project's UI-to-feature implementation.
  • The final module covers Firebase, Room Database, App Architecture like Clean Architecture and MVVM, security, and Release on Play Store.
  • Within the modules, students will learn various skills, including App Planning, Designing, Jetpack Compose, Firebase, SQL and NoSQL databases, Coroutine, and much more.
  • The training program concludes with a bonus unit on portfolio, resume, Linkedin, and GitHub building.

This Android coaching in Jaipur includes various product development opportunities, which students can perform with our industry-experienced mentors during live project training.

Upon completion of the Android development course in Jaipur, students will possess all the required knowledge about Modern Android Development, Jetpack Compose, App Architecture (Clean + MVVM), Coroutine, Local Databases like Room and Datastore, Cloud Technologies, App Release on Play Store, and so on. They will also be awarded an Android development certificate after the successful completion of this course. Also, our Android app development course comes with placement assistance to help students start a new journey in the field of Android app development without any hassle.

Highlights of Our Android App Developer Training Course


The programming module of our Android developer coaching will start with getting the basic knowledge of programming, such as getting to know about various concepts like programming fundamentals, functional programming, Async programming using coroutine, object-oriented programming, and data structure & collections. After that, the module will move forward to the VCS or version-controlled systems, where GitHub will be introduced.

  • Functional Programming:- Earlier, we used to follow the imperative approach where we needed to tell what we needed to do and how we needed to do it. But nowadays, the whole app development domain is moving towards a declarative approach, where we only need to tell what needs to be done, as states are automatically maintained (thanks to functional programming).
  • OOPs:- Object-oriented programming is all about state and behaviour. In this paradigm, we think or imagine all parts of software as a collection of objects. Here we need to understand how we can change the state and behaviour of objects, and also how we can share information about one object with another.
  • Coroutine or Async Programming:- In Android development, we often need to do many tasks simultaneously without blocking the thread. This process is known as multithreading, and it is highly important if we want to increase speed, UX and performance. In Coroutine or Async Programming, we are going to achieve this skill with the Kotlin default feature.
  • Data Structure & Collection:- Data structures are storage units that store and retrieve data into and from the computer memory. According to the problem, we need to figure out what Data Structure or collection will be best in that particular scenario.
  • VCS (Github):- The version control system is like a time traveller for developers. This is because it helps in tracking and managing the changes in the code.

Android Basics

This module of the Android training course deals with the Android app basics, such as getting to know the tools and resources that will be required during the Modern Android training course. It also includes learning about SDLC, UI/UX, Jetpack Compose, Android SDK, etc.

  • Jetpack Compose:- Jetpack Compose is a toolkit designed to build native Android UI in a modern way where we use a declarative approach. It assists in simplifying and accelerating Android UI development with the help of small codes, effective tools, and Kotlin-based APIs. The central part of this toolkit is the composable function, as it helps to achieve Reactive UI.
  • Android SDK:- The Android SDK or software development kit comprises various development tools that help develop Android applications and ensure the process runs smoothly. It is a kind of workshop station for Android development.
  • UI/UX:- When an app attracts your eyes, it means its UI (User Interface) is better and If the app attracts your heart, it means the UX (User Experience) is better. A good Android developer should know decent techniques for creating UI/UX as per the user's expectations.
  • SDLC:- The Software Development Life Cycle is a process where we understand how to manage the software to achieve the desired goals in the given timeline and budget.

Android Advanced

The advanced Android module constitutes all major aspects of Android developer training, including app architecture, security, cloud, and app release.

  • App Architecture:- Architecture simply denotes structuring your code in such a way that you can find bugs as soon as possible and if you want to add a new feature, then changes can be made easily. Here we are going to work on MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) and Clean Architecture.
  • App Security:- Android comes with built-in features that manage resource access. This is done as if any resource is utilised incorrectly or maliciously, then it may harm the user experience, data, and network of the device.
  • FCM:- Firebase Cloud Messaging is a chargeless cross-platform messaging service that helps in sending push notifications to the target audience. Formerly known as Google Cloud Messaging, this service can be utilised on iOS, web applications as well as Android.
  • App Release:- At the time of Android app development, you will be required to build your app's release and then release it to the users. Uploading a successful app release on the Play Store is also a frequently encountered task for developers.
  • Bonus:- We believe that just a few apps for your practice are not enough. You also need to understand the importance of a resume, LinkedIn profile and Github profile (Developer’s Instagram). Thus, we are also going to provide support on these aspects so that you can showcase your talent.
is learning android app development still lucrative

Is Learning Android App Development Still Lucrative?

We all have had a sense of doubt before starting any new course, but learning Android app development is one of the most lucrative options you currently have in the market. In today's technology-driven world, mobile app development has become a game-changing career for many. Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems, with over 3.3 billion active users. This presents a huge opportunity for people to start learning Android application development with us and cater to this large customer base. Here are some reasons for joining our Android training institute in Jaipur:

Growing Demand for Android App Developers in the Job Market

The demand for Android app developers is growing tremendously every year. According to Glassdoor, as of April 2023, the average salary for an Android developer is $88,670 per year in the United States. The job market for Android developers is also growing faster than other occupations. This means there is a high demand for skilled Android developers, which is expected to rise even more.

Potential Income and Career Opportunities in Android App Development

Upskilling with Android app development classes opens up a range of potential income and career opportunities. Some of these include:

  • High-Paying Job Opportunities: As mentioned earlier, Android developers earn a good salary, which can increase with experience and additional skills. Experienced developers can also advance to leadership roles in development teams, such as technical leads and project managers, or even start their own companies. This is why it is essential to join an Android training institute near you to open up new opportunities.
  • Freelancing: Android app development training also provides an opportunity to work as a freelancer, allowing developers to work on their schedules and choose projects that interest them. This can lead to an increase in earnings and greater flexibility while working.
  • Entrepreneurship: Our Android app development course institute in Jaipur allows you to start your own business. Developing your app or providing development services to others can lead to a lucrative business venture.
best android app development training course in jaipur

Best Android App Development Training Course in Jaipur

If you're looking for the best Android app development training course in Jaipur, look no further than Ubuy Academy. Do you know why? Our Android training in Jaipur focuses on Modern Android Development which is the need of the hour and most institutes don’t have this privilege. As Jaipur's leading Android app development course institute, we offer a comprehensive program to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed to develop high-quality Android applications. Here is why you must consider us:

Modern Android Development (USP)

It is very important for you to understand that if you are still learning or doing Java + XML or Kotlin + XML, then you are missing MAD Skills, which will impact your profile. Knowing the latest tech makes you stand out from the crowd and this is why teaching the latest technologies is our USP.

Goals of the Android Developer Training Course (Be A Problem Solver)

The course aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills required for creating Android applications. Through a well-structured curriculum, students learn about MAD skills like compose, coroutine, navigation, datastore, and many more.

They also acquire hands-on experience by working on real-world projects and learning how to debug and deploy apps. By the end of the course, students should be proficient in Android app development and have the skills necessary to create high-quality apps.

Advantages of Enrolling in Android Development Training with Us

Android development training offers various advantages to learners. By enrolling in the course, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Hands-on training with real-world projects
  • Experienced trainers with industry expertise
  • Career guidance and job placement assistance
  • Help with Resume, LinkedIn and Github profile creation
  • Certificate of completion recognised by industry leaders
  • Opportunity to network with other professionals in the IT Industry
  • Chance to gain practical skills and knowledge to develop innovative Android apps
  • Get to understand the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Agile and Scrum mindset
  • Mock interview practice for Android app development Interviews.

Additionally, you will gain first-hand experience through practical projects to hone your skills, increase your chances of employment and become a valuable asset to any organisation.

Essential Skills Gained from Our Android App Development Training in Jaipur

Android training in jaipur by Ubuy Academy offers comprehensive knowledge and practical skills required to become a proficient Android developer. Through this course, participants will learn vital skills such as mobile app planning, design, coding, testing, debugging, and deploying apps.

They will also gain expertise in working with various tools and technologies as well as documentation of applications used in the Android app development course in Jaipur. Upon completing the training, participants will possess the skills to build cutting-edge Android applications for business or personal use.

our android app development course training in a nutshell

Our Android App Development Course Training in A Nutshell

This Android app development course in Jaipur covers all the essential concepts of Modern Android app development. Also, learners will be offered to work on two projects during the training period to become competent enough to deal with actual projects and ideas about how the industry works and what are their expectations from them. So if you're looking to build or enhance your skills, enrol with Ubuy Academy’s Android app development course for beginners & working professionals and open multiple career paths for yourself by learning Modern Android Application Development (MAD Skills).

FAQs About Our Android App Development Training Institute in Jaipur

The best Android training institute in Jaipur for an Android development course is Ubuy Academy. They offer comprehensive courses that cover everything from the basics of Android development to advanced concepts like Modern UI language using jet-compose, Clean architecture, MVVM, Coroutine, OOPS and Function Programming. Their experienced instructors provide hands-on training and take mock interviews to ensure students are well-equipped to become successful Android developers.

To join an Android training course, basic knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, or Modern UI is preferred. Having a background in computer science or software engineering can also be helpful. However, some Android training courses may not require prior knowledge and may start from the basics. This is where we come in.

No, it's not necessary to have prior programming knowledge before enrolling in Android development classes with Ubuy Academy. However, having a basic understanding of programming concepts can be helpful. The course is designed to cater to beginners and those with some programming knowledge and covers the fundamentals of Android app development using MAD Skills (Kotlin + Compose + MVVM + Clean Architecture).

Yes, you can learn Modern UI languages like Jet-Compose in our Android development course in Jaipur. Ubuy Academy offers a comprehensive Android app development course in Jaipur that covers all these aspects, and you can enrol in it to learn these skills and get placement assistance.

Are you tired of searching “Android app development course near me” on Google then don’t worry Ubuy Academy provides classes you can attend in Mansarovar, Jaipur. An interesting fact about this course is that you will get to learn the latest tech knowledge in Android instead of learning about old technologies that organisations don't use.

Now we can create an Android app UI using the Kotlin language known as Jet-Compose. This Modern UI uses functional programming to create UI, giving us the advantage of creating a Declarative or Reactive UI. Learning Modern UI for Android development also offers benefits like better performance, more efficient coding and fewer bugs in your app.

Two general-purpose, high-level programming languages are used for Android App development, namely, Java and Kotlin.

The worth of attending Android development classes depends on whether you want to learn it for professional use or not. If yes, then it is a great opportunity to move forward in your career as an Android app developer.

Ubuy Academy's Android coaching in Jaipur fees range between 18K to 20K.

No, you cannot master Android App Development in a month, as it involves mastering multiple skills. However, at Ubuy Academy, we provide an Android app development course for beginners that lasts for 3-4 months.

Learning Android App Development can be done without mastering Java; however, you would still be required to have a thorough understanding of some of its programming concepts.

Individuals aspiring to become mobile app developers can start mastering it after the 12th by joining an Android training institute near Mansarovar, Jaipur.

Absolutely, beginners can master Android app development without any hassle. At Ubuy Academy, the best Android training institute in Jaipur, we start from the basics to make learning easier for beginners.

Yes, Ubuy Academy does provide an Android app development course in Hindi. So if you are not good at English and still want to learn how to build applications then Ubuy Academy is the right place for you.

How to Join Our Android App Development Training Course in Jaipur

To know more about the Android development course details, such as course duration, fees, and schedule, interested students can contact us at So stop thinking and enrol with the best website to learn modern Android app development and take off in the world of building apps.