Best Email Marketing Course Training Institute in Jaipur

Best Email Marketing Course Training Institute in Jaipur

Explore the Most Effective Email Marketing
Strategies with Us

Email marketing is the major component of digital marketing as it is a cost-efficient way of reaching out to customers and delivering personalized information. Ubuy Academy is the top email marketing training institute in Jaipur as we have a highly professional tutoring team with personalized knowledge and work experience in email marketing. This course is the best opportunity for those who want to learn email marketing from a basic to an advanced level with highly skilled tutors. Become a calibered email marketing specialist by enrolling right away in our advanced email marketing course.

What do We offer in Our Email Marketing Training Course

What do We offer in Our Email Marketing Training Course?

We have made immense efforts into curating the curriculum and selecting the most relevant topics to give the best out of our course to the students with our well-planned email marketing structure. When you Enrol, you get the full email marketing course including automation, list building, email retargeting, designing and Mailchimp training. As a reputed email marketing institute, we want our learners to build highly competitive skills and become leading professionals.

We also understand the learners' expectations, thus we provide a planned and detailed email marketing course syllabus covering all major and minor concepts of email marketing along with the creative implementations. Our objective is to help the participants in developing exceptional abilities and create effective email marketing strategies for attracting customers and increasing traffic to increase sales.

Learn Email Marketing Tactics with Us

Email marketing is large and to have a far-reaching approach you need to excel in all its components. Our course is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of various sub-fields, here’s what we offer -

Email List Building

It is the primary part of email marketing in which the targeted email addresses are collected. This is a strategic method through which various platforms including social media, websites, sign-up sheets and more are explored. The list-building practice may also involve partner websites, surveys and contests to build a list of email addresses to send the intended promotional and marketed mail.

Email Designing

It is the process of creating attractive emails that are designed according to a predetermined format to reach out to customers and generate their interest in visiting the business page and ultimately promote sales. Usually, it involves using a variety of elements, themes and graphics to create emails that are attractive and pleasing.

Email Writing

It involves composing a formal message to be sent to customers in an engaging and inviting language to inform them about the latest offers, sales or any important update. It includes writing catchy and welcoming subject lines and preparing the body as per the personalized interest of the targeted audience.

Email Delivery

It is not just what its name indicates, it is a systematic task that includes several steps to go through. The process of email delivery includes validating the email, verifying the receiver’s address and removing spam. After ensuring all the above measures, finally emails are sent to the receiver.

Targeted Email Marketing

In this, a targeted audience from a particular interest, geographical location and behaviours is listed to send the emails. Targeted email marketing is closely related to marketing campaigns that are made for a specific audience based on past impressions.

Email Automation

It uses AI tools to send emails fast and easily to the intended recipients without making much manual effort. When a person views a company page, his or her information is captured and used in email automation to send emails to the right person at the appropriate time.

Get Your Hands on the Advanced Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are software programs that are used to assist the marketing team in creating, designing, and tracking email marketing campaigns and analyzing the result thereof. Here are some of the important email marketing tools -

ESP Tool

The Email service provider is an integrated software application that is used for the proper implementation and management of email marketing campaign strategies. ESP is mostly used to create email lists and marketing professionals often employ it to assess the success of campaigns. Hubspot, Mailchimp, Sendinblue & Mailjet are some of the efficient ESP tools.

Customer Relationship Management Tool

CRM is indeed a very crucial tool in email marketing as it shows the overview of business relations with customers. CRM tool presents summed-up information about customers’ orders, existing issues, their reviews and more. It can also forecast upcoming orders with the help of collected data and buying behaviours of the customers.

Email Verification Tool

Invalid and spam email addresses waste email marketing resources and efforts. This tool helps businesses to know whether the recipient’s email address is valid or not. It eliminates all the unauthenticated email addresses from the list and only sends emails to valid email addresses.

A/B Testing Tool

The A/B testing tool is programming that is used to make comparisons between content pieces, themes or email formats. With this tool, a marketer can know which content will perform better and create a positive impact. A/B testing tool is widely used for sales email tests in email marketing. Various A/B testing tools provide the best services.

Email Retargeting & Analytical Tools

Email retargeting and analytical tools collect the data of the existing customers of the business and send emails when they make any impression or view any product on the website. Retargeting is an effective way to re-engage website visitors, providing them with personalized ads.

What Sets Apart Ubuy Academy’s Email Marketing Certification Course from Other Institutes?

What Sets Apart Ubuy Academy’s Email Marketing Certification Course from Other Institutes?

You need a compelling reason to participate in our email marketing workshop course as a lot of institutions make claims to offer the best email marketing training. What sets us apart is our comprehensive training and one-to-one interactive email marketing classes so that students get a thorough understanding of every single topic.

You may consider our course based on the following factors -

Experienced & Professional Instructors

Email marketing learning requires training from experienced instructors who have deep knowledge of the field. All our instructors are very experienced individuals who come from a potential background in e-commerce email marketing. This helps participants learn from the experts in the field and work more efficiently.

Practical Training

Unlike online email marketing courses, we provide our participants with actual practical training in all the concepts. Practical training benefits learners in sharpening their skills and evaluating their performance. It enables the students to learn email designing, writing, and scheduling email campaigns.

Certificate of Excellence

Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of excellence from Ubuy Academy. This certificate will elaborate on your expertise, learning outcome and performance throughout the course. With help of this certificate, you will be able to compete for the top placements in the leading firms.

Opportunities Learners Get Post the Email Marketing Classes

Opportunities Learners Get Post the Email Marketing Classes

With the help of email marketing, businesses can effectively communicate with their clients and directly deliver the latest information to them. The course will help participants to learn email marketing fundamentals and be masters of email marketing skills. This course opens a wide area of opportunities in the field of email marketing in digital marketing. Businesses always want skilled professionals to join them for performing promotional activities and building effective email marketing techniques. Completion of our course will allow individuals to become eligible and get hired as email marketing executives or specialists in the top MNCs and digital marketing firms. Moreover, they may also choose to work as a freelance email marketer or establish their own business. By specialized knowledge learned in this professional email marketing course, the participants will get to uncover the diverse opportunities that the digital marketing industry has to offer them.

Ubuy Academy also offers a variety of other training courses in the field of digital marketing including -

FAQs to Make a Better Decision to Consider Our Email Marketing Course

Ubuy Academy, the leading email marketing training institute in Jaipur, offers a detailed course on email marketing with all the key elements. Additionally, we allow applicants to work on ongoing projects and also ensure 100% job placement.

If you are planning to learn email marketing effectively, you are at the right place! Ubuy Academy is currently offering its email marketing certification course covering every single topic. We are helping students to learn email marketing with the help of our highly skilled tutors. We provide in-house training to sharpen your skills in email marketing and help you become a master of it.

Anyone who has the spirit of learning email marketing with consistent dedication throughout the course can participate. Our email marketing course is open to everyone and there is no eligibility criteria for participation except your enthusiasm. Especially for digital marketers, bloggers, website owners and business marketers, this is a must-take course.

We are offering this course in offline classes at our email marketing institute, located at Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

There are immense benefits of joining our email marketing course -
  • One-to-one effective email marketing classes from skilled instructors
  • Learning all minor and major email marketing concepts with proper guidance
  • In-house practical training
  • Certificate after completion
  • Wide gulf of job opportunities in the top MNCs

This is the best email marketing course where you will get to learn the different types of effective email marketing strategies to promote your business. These strategies are email list building, email designing, email blasting marketing, segmentation, email automation, retargeting and more.

How to Enrol in our email marketing course?

You can directly contact our top-notch team of educators and counselling cell to get in-depth information about our email marketing course syllabus, duration, fees & other related queries at