About Us


Building a successful career begins with improving your current skill set and gaining experience. The process of learning, gathering knowledge, and becoming fully trained is a tedious task. The need of the hour is to implement the skills learned in a proper yet competitive manner. We at Ubuy understand that!

Regular professional training is required to hone the skills, along with hands-on experience of working in this ever-changing modern era. Our educators don’t just make you professionally equipped but also provide you with the best placement opportunities to give you a flying start to your career.

Our Story :

We are a cross-border shopping platform based in Kuwait that has made many customers proud over the last decade. We are no longer just providing shopping convenience; we are also giving young minds the opportunity to gain knowledge and build a successful career. We started with 5 countries and are now catering to 180+ countries globally with millions of customers. Our Values remain unchanged - Drive Change, Be Passionate, Pursue Growth, Do More with Less, Be Creative, Customer Service is not just a Department, and Deliver the Supecalifragilisticexpialidocious philosophy.

Why Us? :

Your mind is probably racing with questions like, "How can you trust us with your career?" The answer is very simple. We have people with extensive experience in all fields related to the IT sector in the last decade. We have decided to take the next step only after gaining proficiency and a high level of expertise at the international level. After having gained proficiency and a high level of expertise at the international level, we have decided to take a step further. Ubuy is a leading cross-border shopping platform that offers individuals high-quality, competitive, and hands-on experiences to its workers. You will be guided by experienced experts who are actively working on many live IT projects. These professionals are also well-versed in the latest technology and trends that are circulating globally and are required to have a successful career in the IT industry. Additionally, Ubuy adheres to the philosophy that maintaining a suitable, conducive environment and encouraging social integration will bring out the best in people.

We Believe
Learning is The Journey to Rediscover Yourself, While Training is The Process You Must go Through to Unlock your True Potential.
We Are Here
To Bring Out Your True Potential & Make You An Expert In Your Own Niche Skills.
We Promise We Will Settle Down To Nothing Less Than The Best!


Feel free to ask anything related to our Internship Programs

Please contact us for additional assistance or information about our Internship Programs. Our team of experts will address all your questions and concerns. Our support team can provide you with more details on how to join and enrol in any internship program.